Connecting With Talents Becomes Easier with Candao’s Decentralized Social Network

Connecting With Talents Becomes Easier with Candaos Decentralized Social Ecosystem

Scalability and interoperability have been acknowledged as major challenges in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. Following this, in recent times, we have seen several projects deploy solutions to address these challenges. A decentralized social media ecosystem is proposing itself as a solution not only to the problems of scalability and interoperability, but also connectivity. With Candao, the connection among professionals is now easier.

Candao Matching Projects, People and Assets

The advent of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) into the blockchain industry is recognized as a means to promote both blockchain and crypto adoption among individuals and businesses. Beyond this, DAOs have become useful in connecting individuals who share the same vision and goals. DAO’s are known to be the next emerging sectors considering the rapid boom of decentralized finance and NFTs. While advancing the ethos of decentralization across multiple areas of society, Candao has centred its value proposition around this utility to match users with projects, assets, and other people.

Candao was founded in early 2021 after one of their Co-Founders, Pawel Barylski discovered the problems that startups face while trying to set up shop. Collaborating with co-founder Robert Wesker, Pawel set out to build a DAO within which emerging businesses can easily access resources ranging from individuals to DApps and assets. Candao also aims to create a platform where individuals with the same business and social goals can come together to inspire, engage and build values together.

The project has designed a wide variety of tools and solutions in the form of decentralized applications (DApps) to achieve this aim and more. These tools include Matchify, Candypad, CandID, CandyGroup, Candychain, Meta-scan, BonBon (BB). With the Matchify DApp, Candao will provide users with recommendations depending on their activity. For users trying to access investment opportunities, Candao will make such recommendations to them.

On the Candypad, DApp will give users access to an allocation-free, progressive, scalable and trustless social launchpad in which users can vote on whether their funds should be released either during an IDO or ICO based on predetermined key performance indicators (KPIs). With the Meta-scan, users can monitor relevant blockchain activity through an easy-to-use and understand dashboard. In this case, the role of a third party or paid analytic tools is eliminated. The rest of the DApps are likewise geared toward the same goal.

Fostering Value Creation and Sharing

Candao unlocks people’s superpowers and lets them tokenize the value they create, liquefy assets, connect existing ones, bring people together to build joint ventures, distribute profits between all involved people and unlock the value of everyone who plays different roles in everyday life.

Using a native token that has several utilities, Candao is powering the connection among professionals. Candao has designed a self-sufficient ecosystem that individuals and businesses can rely on to meet their numerous needs. By holding the native token CDO, users can always have a stake in the DAO, meaning the number of CDO tokens that a user is holding determines the extent of his stake in the community. CDO will be used to pivot other activities such as liquidity farming and mining, paying rewards to projects and people, fuelling on-chain data, and many more.

The project has a solid roadmap having the whitepaper and application launched in the public domain. The Candao team is working in the right direction as it gears up for its upcoming public launch. 

With the current momentum at which the crypto and DeFi industry is progressing, it is definite that these DAO’s hold massive potential to make or break the industry. However, the education of these DAO’s amongst communities will result as the game-changing factor to fuel the powers of projects like Candao.