Why is Candao a community for everyone, where anybody can benefit from joining?


Joining a particular community is a decision affected by a couple of factors. First of all, we are looking for people driven by similar goals to us. They don’t have identical plans, but we usually want them to have an alike mindset. It gives us a sense of belonging to a particular group, which is extremely important. As individuals, we can also be successful. However, it can be said that the path to it may then be longer and more challenging. Today’s text will explain why Candao is a community where anyone can benefit from being part of it.

Your skills are your ticket to be rewarded

Candao is a DAO-based platform. In practice, it means that you surround yourself with the people who value the freedom understood in many ways. Above all, it is the opportunity to realize yourself in the roles you have chosen, without having to go through complicated recruitment processes, where you have to answer according to a key, or else the interviewer will think you don’t fit in (even though the reality may be completely different). DAO only discounts your skills. If you are good at something, you will be recognized for it.

Many kinds of freedom

The different kind of liberty that Candao offers you is the freedom of speech. In our metaverse, there are no limitations related to communication. We won’t affect the content of your statement. We believe that users can discount the transparently displayed information by themself. We are offering you a unique product called Candao Messenger. It is a secure P2P communicator that allows you to send CDO tokens or NFTs in real-time. It also allows you to broadcast live and collect tokens from your followers.

DAO is also free from bureaucracy. You don’t have to waste your time and energy on the paperwork. You are registering once, and you move on to action. The community will help you do that!

Remember that there is no autonomy without safety. We have only diligently verified users in our platform due to Candao ID – a dedicated NFT-based digital ID linked to the history of wallet transactions. This is an excellent convenience for influencers and artists who want to integrate with their fanbase. There must be no fake accounts of people who anonymously want to do black PR or sow misinformation.

Why can anyone take benefits from Candao?

It doesn’t matter what kind of role you want to function in. Achieving your goal is a process that always requires fulfilling similar criteria. Those are the right people, ideas, and consequential work. Candao community is a straight path to introducing your concept to the world. You can collect funds for your projects and run them in the future. You’ll find the right people through Matchify, our product that will suggest you get in touch with people who have similar interests, goals, or predispositions through a system of recommendations. Consistent action is on your side and the side of the people you work with. We believe in your capabilities. We provide tools and solutions that will shorten your path to success and make your actions more effective!

Regardless of your career background, whether you’re an investor, an accountant, a graphic designer, or an artist who wants to publish your first album, Candao can help you achieve your goal. If you have your brand, the “Join as a Partner” option and issuing your brand tokens is an excellent ability to make it popular by actively involving the community in your goals! You can also partner with another brand and release a launchpad of shared tokens!

Conclusion – why is the role of the community so important?

When we act alone, we are exposed to doubts which can match us when we go against the flow, out of our comfort zone. The key is to be in an environment with people who share the same goal. It motivates us and gives the feeling of afflictions. The Candao community is the creators of their success. Become one of us due to the Candao and benefit from being a Decentralized Social Metaverse member!

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