Why are creators in Candao a profitable group?


Candao is a Decentralized Social Metaverse we often show as an ecosystem that will shorten your path to success. What does this mean in practice? Let’s use an example of creators – people who can be defined as those who want to transfer an idea from their mind to reality. Those are units that intend to affect others positively on a bigger scale, create something unknown already to the market. It can be a product, service, or content that will bring new value-added, present new intellectual or entertainment essence, solve a given problem, in a nutshell, present a subject to the world, that was heard about yet. Why will an innovator take part in such a tough game called “convincing the others to the particular idea” and how will we help him as a Candao? Learn more from the article below. The terms “creator,” “inventor,” and “developer” will be treated synonymously in the text. 

When you have a vision, and you know you can achieve it

Without people who believed in their idea at a certain stage of their lives, we would have nothing interesting around us today. The world would be impoverished from the products of humans’ creativity, we would live in a technological emptiness. Looking backward, we are looking at inventors as smart people who had a great idea, introduced it to the world, and achieve considerable success. However, the reality wasn’t so favorable for them in the times in which they lived. Some inventions were created in response to the problems of the time. For example, the prototype of what later became known as the refrigerator was invented in 1755 by William Cullen. People felt the need to consume cold drinks and to store food at a temperature that would extend its shelf life, so the advent of such innovation was met with enthusiasm. However, there were inventions of which the public was unaware until someone created them, and then the developer had a much greater problem to move from the point where no one had heard of his idea to the moment when the world wanted his invention. It was a much bigger challenge.

Some of our needs are not created yet

The need for a solution for a particular issue creates a demand. That type of invention increases the probability of being successful when you pass the proper requirements, but what about the innovators which had a vision that a far ahead of their time? Although in 1899 the head of the U.S. Patent Office, Charles H. Duell, declared that “everything that can be invented has already been invented,” history has verified these words. Demand for innovations is as unlimited as human needs, the only difficulty is that we are not conscious of some of them. The creator needs to figure something out and introduce it to us to let the fire of demand burn. It may be the developer in this situation with an issue of a marketing nature. Not only does he have to design something new, but he also has to present it to the world in such a way as to gain popularity on a wider scale.

Candao comes with the help


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We understand the problems which you can encounter on your way, however, with us, they will be easy to solve. On our platform, you can take advantage of social or brand tokens to engage the community in building recognition for your idea. You can create a marketing budget, and let the people act. When the idea is promising, the DAO environment will appreciate it. You don’t need to look for investors traveling between companies, which in the end would take the main part of your reward,  or take your concept from you to realize the similar one by themselves. Instead of it, in Candao you can raise a fund and make a public promise, e.g., that the community holding social tokens will participate in future benefits from your product sale. It is a bit like venture capital, where instead of a few investors who need to be convinced to fund millions of dollars, you just have to gather 100 people, each of whom will invite their friends and create a community that will divide the costs between them in exchange for the future value of the tokens they get. This is a giant convenience from a financing standpoint. 

In summarizing – every part of your business journey will be supported by us

In the end, we should mention one more thing. We help with creating a relationship between users. Our product – Matchify will recommend you to the potential customers of your initiative, then when you already have the idea, people, and funding, you can move into action. At this stage, Candao also helps. Delegate tasks related to design work. This time, you can also use Matchify and find someone to do some work for you, e.g., create a frontend for your application. Candao helps you in all areas – funding, implementation, marketing. Outside our platform, the road is much longer and more difficult. This means that we shorten the path to success.

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