What is a Candao social launchpad?


In today’s article, we will get familiar with the possibilities that Candao Pad gives you. Soon you will have the opportunity to use the full potential of our platform to realize your business plan. Learn about what is social launchpad, its utilities, and the factors that differentiate it from other competitors. We invite you for a fresh portion of technological knowledge!

We introduce the Candao Pad

Crowdfunding is a modern way to collect money for your initiative. You don’t need to look for the internal investors classically no more (making presentations in companies, and sending thousands of emails). The community will receive information about your project thanks to Matchify, another helpful product that recommends, based on an algorithm, profiles that may be of interest to them. If your idea is good, the DAO will appreciate it and invest in its future value. You can make a public promise to the project’s community, that, e.g., they will participate in future benefits from the product. This is where our product Candao Pad comes in, a social launchpad that allows you to organize fundraising and token distribution to your users. 

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What makes the Candao Pad unique from the competition?

About the various forms of funds collection, we wrote here. ICO, IEO, and IDO were giant milestones in the development of crypto project fundraising hover each of them had its cons. IDO by launchpad is the most excellent form of collecting money, that is why Candao decided to embed that solution in the form of a Candao Pad – an allocation-free, progressive, scalable trustless social launchpad in which you vote on whether your money should be released to the fund-raiser based on pre-agreed key performance indicators (KPIs). It allows you to avoid lottery and allocation tickets. The earlier you join the collection, the lower the token price will be. We meet the expectations of our community from the side of the creator of the initiative and the investor, taking care of fair distribution and security.


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Raising funds has never been so safe and easy!

Let’s use an example. Suppose a hypothetical video game developer’s scenario who wants to start his projects from the scratch. He has a great idea for the gameplay, and business model based on selling that game via a leading game distribution platform and also earning from the micropayments inside the product. The project is expensive. It requires the proper team to maintain and the equipment to provide them. He presents his idea to the community and makes a deal with interested people to donate a portion of the reward from the game and launches a launchpad where everyone has the opportunity to purchase a certain amount until the pool is sold. When the assumed amount is reached, the developer together with the team obtained through Matchify will start working. Progress is communicated to investors periodically, product development is transparent. Due to it, the team builds trust for themselves. The game is following its roadmap on schedule and achieving its goal. Investors get their share of the profits. By completing the project and delivering the product to the market, trust is built up, which in the future may result in further projects on a much larger scale.


The example presented illustrates a hypothetical situation, moving from idea to implementation and goal. Remember that the kind of your initiative depends on your competencies and imagination. As a Candao, it is our job to make the path to success as comfortable as possible for you. Human potential is unlimited. We are delivering you the right tools. Don’t wait and Join AS in our Decentralized Social Metaverse today!

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