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Welcome to the next part of our weekly webinar transcription. We will present the key functionalities of our Decentralized Social Metaverse Candao. We want to prepare you for the start of your adventure with our platform, which provides you with a comprehensive set of solutions to help you achieve your goals in a much more efficient and comfortable way.

The social space of Candao – a high-level overview

We want to give you an overview of Candao’s social space. From a user’s standpoint, we are a Decentralized Social Metaverse with a wide range of solutions and products available to all members. Below are the features you should expect to find on our platform.

high level overview

CDO token utilities

As a quick reminder, we would like to show you the key utilities of our CDO token. It was created in a way that allows you to take various advantages while realizing your goals in our ecosystem. The comprehensive range of utilities makes that a huge community of people will use it. This will result in demand and an increase in value over time. You should buy CDO tokens now to get the best price.

The unique power of the CDO token

Follow Candao Roadmap

Another factor in the project’s success we took care of are milestones we planned for the future. The roadmap is a plan for them arranged over time. Implementing them one by one is the key to growing our platform and the value of the CDO token. Below is the roadmap to Q4 2022, and if you are interested, please visit candao.io.




The Candao user’s identity is connected with NFT (non-fungible token). It is a primary token on our platform, which makes our community consist only of verified users. This is essential from the standpoint of establishing business relations or building a fanbase by artists. Fake accounts and unnecessary information asymmetry that they generated were a constant problem of centralized social media. We have solved this problem. As an additional security measure, your NFT ID is also coupled with your wallet transaction history.  It is transparent and visible to other users. We created the NFT ID levels. Depending on passing proper requirements you can upgrade your account,  gaining new capabilities.

NFT ID levels

That’s not all, Candao attaches great importance to being transparent to other users. In addition to the transaction history, your profile will include information about the transaction: 

  • Portfolio and value of digital assets held 
  • Assets held, staked, locked in liquidity pools 
  • Average volume generated by the account during past [n] days/months/years 
  • Top [n] wallets interacting with NFT ID 
  • On-chain creation date 
  • Biggest single transaction 
  • Biggest/Smallest/Average historical value of assets held 
  • Visuals for the above metrics

Candao app overview

Work on our platform is progressing frequently. At this link: https://app.candao.io/tokens/ you will find an early version of our application. Check it out to learn more about the account’s interface. Under your profile picture, you will find tabs such as: “Posts”, “About”, “Team”, “Holders”, “Incentives”, Tokens” and “Referrals”. On the right side of the page, you have the option to join private sales and future public sales.

Candao App

Take a look at the entire video to find out:

  • the breakdown of our products,
  • Candao website overview,
  • the Social Space of Candao – A High-Level Overview,
  • the types and utilities of our tokens.

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