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Today’s webinar will talk about the basics of the Decentralized Social Metaverse – Candao. Remember, the proper understanding of our platform functioning is a key to getting the most out of it from day one. We have prepared an overview of the key aspects for you. Take a look at them to fully enjoy the possibilities of shortening your path to success. The most important resources on our planet are people. Our job is to deliver you qualitative knowledge.

The Social Space of Candao – A High-Level Overview

In our Whitepaper, you will find the overview describing our platform from the user standpoint. At the high-level Candao is easy to use Decentralized Social Metaverse with a wide range of features and products available for every member. There is a list of the functions that our platform is offering you:

A High Level Overview

The breakdown of Candao products

We already told you about the Candao products portfolio in the webinar from the 24th of January, but it is worth reminding yourself of the basics. The release date is coming soon. That’s why it is worth refreshing your knowledge related to our solutions! Below you will find the facet recap of products descriptions from our website – candao.io. For the full list, watch the YouTube video linked in the further part of the text. 

Candao products: 

  • Matchify – a wide range of recommendations will be made to Candao users based on their activity (both off and on-chain), including investors with similar portfolios, feeds that may be of interest to them, investment strategies, advisors, and other investment opportunities. All the feeds will be matched to what a potential user might expect to see.
  • Candao Pad – allocation-free, progressive, scalable trustless social launchpad in which you vote on whether your money should be released to the fundraiser based on pre-agreed key performance indicators (KPIs). Say goodbye to allocation tickets and lotteries! You can buy any number of tokens you want, and the sooner you join the tokenization group, the lower the token price will be.
  • Meta-scan – transaction and market data scanner for every relevant blockchain, connected with visually understandable dashboards. Now you can see and track everything without the necessity to rely on third-party, paid analytics tools that frequently report bogus on-chain information.
  • Candao ID – dedicated NFT-based digital ID linked to the history of wallet transactions. A verifiable, one-of-a-kind follower’s system can be created with Candao ID.
  • Candao Shop – is Amazon not available in your country or region? Are you interested in starting a business simply by selling products or providing services, but you’re put off by the paperwork and/or regulations that require you to register your online shop as a business activity? Or perhaps you want to sell or buy something using crypto rather than FIAT currency to keep your privacy and security? Candao Shop is the world’s first decentralized digital trade and business-to-consumer platform, providing a remedy to all of the above issues.
  • Candao Group – in a matter of minutes, you can put together a project team, task force group, experts board, community, or simply a group of friends. With Candao, you will be able to quickly create a group profile, a social identity, and your own group tokens for your organization. The most important aspect is that everyone who is a part of the group has been verified. You can now imagine the power and importance of the sub-communities that have been created as a result of this system.
  • Candao Chain – when was the first time you tried to figure out when a random, highly active LinkedIn profile made the first post on their wall? Yes, it’s virtually impossible to do so. Unlike Etherscan, where token transactions can be reviewed by others, Candao saves the majority of your activity and interactions with other people on a public chain, where others can review them. You can follow a profile’s feeds, entries, followers, upvotes, jobs, projects, and other activities all the way back to the beginning.
  • Candao Messenger – brand new, decentralized, and secure P2P communicator with the ability to send CDO tokens/NFTs in real-time while you chat or stream video, as well as other features. This allows you to broadcast live to groups of people and collect tokens from your followers, just like YouTube.

Asset tokens

Asset tokens can be compared to “items” minted in a specific quantity by Candao ecosystem members. Participants of Decentralized Social Metaverse Candao will gain modification access, allowing them to create and customize their social assets. The following customizations will include: 

  • assets quantity, 
  • value of the single asset,
  • asset graphic thumbnail, 
  • picture/video/sound connected with the asset, 
  • name, 
  • description,
  • initial value locked inside the asset (in CDO tokens).

Once the above parameters are set, Candao calculates the cost in CDO of minting those assets (a small % CDO fee will be included). If the member accepts the minting transaction, created assets will be available on the user’s Candao profile. 

Assets can be transferred via the Candao platform to any other member and traded on the open blockchain market (similarly to NFT). Their value is speculative. If the author decides to lock a specified amount of CDO tokens inside them, this value can be reclaimed by initiating the burning process. 

Below you will find the example of activity tokens usage.

Asset tokens

Activity tokens

Activity tokens are fungible, and they can be minted globally and distributed across every platform’s account to track its social interactions with the Decentralized Social Metaverse. Initially, there will be three types of activity tokens circulating in the Candao:

  • likes
  • dislikes
  • subscriptions (follows)

The total supply of each asset will be set at 10 trillion, and each newly minted account will receive 100 000 tokens from each category (i.e., 100 000 likes, dislikes, subscriptions, and unsubscriptions). Even though those are on-chain assets, Candao users won’t gain full ownership over them (they can’t be transferred to another wallet, bought, or sold). The only way to transfer a token is by entering into one of the intended social interactions with other Candao objects like profile, feed, comment, etc. All movements of activity tokens will be recorded on-chain and translated into a fully transparent activity log visible via the Candao Chain.

Here’s the example of activity tokens usage:

activity tokens

See also the graphic explanation of activity tokens below.

activity token

If a Candao member uses all of his activity tokens, their original amount can be refilled on demand (a small CDO fee will be applicable).


We encourage you to watch the entire webinar here:

From the video, you will get familiar with (among others):

  • tokenomics and token economy,
  • CDO token utility,
  • CDO circulation model,
  • NFT ID,
  • personal tokens
  • PT token name, 
  • brand tokens,
  • Candao Pad, 
  • Candao Roadmap
  • Connecting your profile with Metamask wallet. 

Visit our website: candao.io

Learn more from our Whitepaper: candao-io.gitbook.io/whitepaper/

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