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In Candao we are considered that the most valuable source is people. Many individuals have fantastic ideas, but only a few of them will turn them into reality. Safely conducting the project requires such a resource as the correct organization. That is the key. Only the strongest and the most determined will survive on the market. Every idea needs the right team and business partners to achieve incredible goals. You are destined to fail without it and the proper funding, even if your idea could change the world. In Candao, all of the problems go hand in hand with the solutions. Success is influenced by human resources, unlimited financing opportunities, and operating in a synergic way. Creating a profile in our ecosystem will give you the chance to match with potential business partners, investors, and project teams. You will make your brand and a token dedicated to it. You will have the opportunity to show your idea to thousands of investors and fundraise it safely and transparently. Soon, many people will get familiar with your project and take part in its development. You can pay your team members with personal tokens or brand tokens. Due to Candao, the lack of resources will never be a blocker. You can connect with many different projects and take advantage of the synergy effect. We are giving you access to all of the tools you need. You can take advantage of all of the Candao ecosystem. People can DAOs do!

What is Candao?

Candao is a comprehensive Over-Layer solution for the social cryptocurrency world, connecting every chain, layer, and DApp. Similar to how Layer Zero Concept provides an underlying technological solution that enables seemingly seamless communication between blockchains, Candao provides an overlaying set of tools and solutions that connect crypto communities from disparate environments. Candao will help you communicate with the separate communities from the crypto environment. Meet unique power of  CDO token – The more CDO you have, the more significant piece of Candao you own. You can use it to join multi-roles, fuel data on-chain, reward people and projects, make Candao Pads, participate in sharing economy, buy Brand tokens, Personal tokens, Assets tokens & Activity tokens, fuel liquidity providing & farming or trade on DEX. You can visit our page, “Join AS” and claim 25 CDO. 

The unique power of the CDO token

Candao is a decentralized social network DAO platform partially owned by every CDO holder. The more CDO you have, the more significant piece of Candao you own. The most extensive business power of a token is its practical applications. Check out how we approached this topic:

The unique power of the CDO token

The applications give you tremendous opportunities to use them, depending on your goals. Don’t wait and choose the most tailored utilities for you!

Let’s take a look at the statistics

Based on 2019 to 2020, we can see many exciting numbers. Let’s take a look at them and understand what destination the modern world is going to.


In our opinion, this data is an excellent indication of the business direction the world is heading from the demand point of view. Imagine how much potential can be in a Candao project connecting social media with blockchain!

Candao is solving the modern digital reality problems

With the new opportunities, there are appearing new problems to solve. Candao is diagnosing the digital world and immediately finding a set of solution tools to build a better future. Let’s take a look at the problems we overcome:


Observations and conclusions are a constant part of our work. We will strive for continuous improvement of our ecosystem in response to further needs.

Manifesto of Decentralised Social Network (DSN)

Every business needs a core of assumptions to know what is important to us and where we are headed.


Those are the paramount goals that we will strive for. We are conscious that in a chaotic reality, you always need to have clear rules that you are conducted by to know precisely which way to go when the world is moving in many different directions.

Our products

We created many practical solutions for you based on our three central values: People, Consensus, and Gamification. We are providing everything you need to start creating your own value-added. Look below how many products we prepared for you.



Our products are your range of possibilities. Take advantage of them and achieve your goals with us.


The token price depends on many factors. One of them is the popularity of solutions offered by our platform. Are you wondering about the CDO tokens utility flow? Look below and get familiar with it.


Token types

In Candao you will find many types of tokens, which utilities are different depending on your goal. Let’s take a look at the token descriptions. Being Candao member will allow you to use them all and release the maximum of your potential.


Candao Messenger

One of our products is the Candao Messenger. It was described before on “Our products” but we need to look at it in more detail. We are explaining all of its functions below. You can also see the visualization of the future interface.



Loyalty appreciation and pros of use mechanism

Candao appreciates the user with stake CDO and CDO LP or stores them in the lockup vaults. Learn about what is Proof of Use.


Token life-cycle model

Read about the token life-cycle model. If you’re wondering what the path our token takes and where it goes, here are the answers to those questions.

Life cycle


And now a real deal for those who like diagrams. We have planned how much of the 1 500 000 000 CDO tokens will go to each of the various destinations.


How it works

Introducing your projects to the market has never been easier. Here is the simple instruction on how to begin.

Step one: Connect your wallet and claim tokens.

Step two: Get CDO tokens.

Step three: Explore, join and build your own projects.

Have you already thought about what project you would like to start?


In Candao we know the proper plan of working is a core. For the first quarter of 2022, we have planned:

  • Private and Public sales.
  • Creating a whitelist of projects for tokenization.
  • Listing CDO on Uniswap.
  • Introducing Social Launchpads.
  • NFT as IDentity.
  • Launchpads Generator.

You can check our complete Roadmap on Find out the other key developments for the growth of our ecosystem. The Roadmap available on the website is planned for 2024.


In Candao, people are in the first place. We are operating transparently, achieving our goals in front of your eyes. Visit our website and get familiar with our Whitepaper and Pitch deck. You can find more information about our ecosystem and links to our social media. We invite you to join us!