Transcript of the webinar 08.02.2022

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Today’s webinar will continue introducing you to the Candao ecosystem. Webinars are created to explain to you how the system works holistically. More information means better understanding. That is the key to being an autonomous member and making your journey as comfortable as possible. We invite you to read the text below and get familiar with every crucial aspect of our platform!

Join AS and get 25 CDO!

Visit and click on the Join AS button. The window with the form will immediately appear where you will be asked to fill in information such as your nickname, email, area of expertise, and the way of contributing.

Join AS

You need to have a Metamask wallet address to run the application. Soon we will share the video when we explain step by step how to set up your account. 

Candao overview

Now take a look at the interface of our platform. When you are already logged in, you can see what your account looks like at the moment. The interface may change as we add new enhancements over time.



Below your profile picture, you will find the current number of holders, price of the token, market cap, and the number of your followers. Under this data, you can find sections like posts, about, team, holders, incentives, tokens, and referrals. At the photo appears the token area where you have the list of received tokens from your activeness like, e.g., invitations from referral links. You can track it every moment. The whole activity is transparent. On the right side of your profile, you will find buttons for joining private and public sales (till the end of them) and the number of tokens sold.


One of the products from our comprehensive portfolio is Marchify. It was created to help you match with the Candao members who can help realize your goals. You will find a wide range of recommendations based on (on-chain and off-chain) activity prepared for you to fulfill your expectations as a user. You may find investors with similar portfolios, feeds that may be of interest to them, investment strategies, advisors, and other investment opportunities.

GRAFIKA matchify

Candao Pad

The other Candao product is Candao Pad. It’s a social launchpad that allows you to vote on whether your money should be released. It solves the problem of allocation and lotteries in tokens’ distribution. You can find below the full description of the product.

GRAFIKA candao pad


Would you like to have the opportunity of tracking every transaction in the blockchain and analyze it in a visually understandable dashboard? We prepared for you Meta-scan! Now you don’t need to rely on paid tools! You are getting the best analytic tool for free!

GRAFIKA meta scan


Candao Shop

Would you like to have your own selling business, but you don’t want to play with all the paperwork? Now you have the chance to run your shop and earn money in a simple, intelligent, and transparent way. Check Candao Shop, our product that will help you realize this goal. 

GRAFIKA Candao shop


It is the primary and most significant Candao token. Our platform provides you with safety by connecting your identity with NFT. All data provided will be accessible to their owner, who will have complete control over their deletion at any time. Specific data will also be accessible to participants in the Candao ecosystem via products such as CandaoChain or Meta Scan. Multiple levels of verification will be available, allowing users to “upgrade” their NFT ID. Learn more about the NFT ID levels from the table below.


Personal tokens – single transaction limit & translation fee

We have instituted rules to curb unhealthy speculation and market dominance by individuals with a higher NFT ID level profile. Below are the regulations regarding the single trade limit and transaction fees. 


Summarizing and the video

From today’s transcript, you had the opportunity to learn more about the registration, profile interface, chosen products, NFT ID levels, and the regulations related to personal tokens. That is not all.

We encourage you to watch the entire webinar here:


From the video, you will get familiar with (among others):

  • our website interface,
  • CDO token utilities,
  • other Candao products from the portfolio,
  • kinds of tokens, 
  • CDO token key metrics. 
  • Certik audit certificate
  • Candao Roadmap
  • our team and partnerships.

Learn more from our Whitepaper.