Transcript of the webinar 01.02.2022


Get familiar with the fundamentals of the Candao ecosystem. In today’s webinar, we will come back to our Whitepaper, which explains various aspects of the platform’s functioning step by step. We give you the most significant amount of information in an accessible form so that you can work independently on our platform from the very first day you use Candao. We have decided to present the webinar transcript in a new form. You will read about some exciting aspects of the text, and then we will invite you to watch the full video. We hope that this form will appeal to you and stay with us until the end of the film.

Candao – business model and vision

Everything starts from the idea and vision for the future. Properly shaped and dressed in actions sometimes turns into a valuable product that solves problems and implements improvements. The genesis of Candao was the observation of the primary social media working mechanism. There is no denying that their popularity in the world is unimaginably great. It’s a tool for making a significant impact on people, where we’ve noticed a few areas for improvement. First of all, we can see that the whole mechanism is based on the phenomenon of fear of missing out (FOMO). People constantly feel the need to check the phone because they don’t want to miss any information, DM, or reaction to their post. It makes us waste an enormous amount of time which we could use to, e.g., improve our skills or realize passion.

The second problem is an algorithm’s mass collection of information about users. The aim is to learn about the preferences and take advantage of them later by showing them personalized ads. Being under constant observation in another aspect with which we disagree. Excessive advertisements are not the only issue that Big Data generates. This data can be used in many disadvantageous ways. It could, e.g., be sold to other entities for marketing purposes or to manipulate the content shown to the users before the election. In the worst scenario be a hacker attack and all of the data will be gone. By using leading social media, you must agree to these risks. We have stopped noticing threats, but that doesn’t mean they have ceased to exist. 

In Candao, we decided to create a safe digital space to exchange your time for self-development. We won’t keep track of you or create needs in your mind that you didn’t even know existed. We believe that you know what is best for you. Instead of giving you the over-stimulating you with unnecessary information, we prefer to provide you with circumstances and an environment where you can develop your ideas effectively and safely. 


Another critical aspect of our platform’s context is being “Over-layer” which connects various layers of blockchain, DApps (Decentralized Apps), and products beyond the chain in a unified, transparent, and open social space. What does this mean in practice?

Over layer

We have noticed that in the digital space, there’s growing fragmentation. The products and services are being narrowed down to smaller and smaller areas. Don’t get us wrong – Candao is not “all in one”. Our purpose is to create a space where members with various goals can unify and influence each other. It means in practice connecting advantages and functionalities flowing from different sources and using them consistently and conveniently.

The foundations of Candao

Let’s talk about the three fundamentals that Candao works based on. We create them in the way that we have created them to complete and interact with each other. We are convinced that a solid base is a guarantee of success for our initiative: 

  • People – you are the most crucial part of the Candao ecosystem, which we have projected so that you will have the ability to perform multi roles – nodes, validators, investors, and users concurrently.
  • Consensus – the members make informal social agreements about respecting the rules of fair and honest treatment of each other. It applies, e.g., transactions, collection, or collaborations. We value transparency and clarity.
  • Gamification – we created a clear and transparent rewarding system for your activities. Its purpose is to make achieving your goals more convenient. Your user experience is very important. We give you many possibilities to be rewarded.

How are CDO tokens embedded into chosen products?

The way the CDO token is connected to the Meta-scan utility is very simple. A higher staking score will automatically unlock access to more advanced Meta-scan functions and bigger datasets. It can be compared to how conventional analytical tools are using API connections to monetize their products. With CDO, the only thing you’ll need to do is stake your CDO tokens.

Candao Messenger will also be closely paired with CDO tokens and accumulate its value in the long term. Product will always send tokens at the lowest possible commission.  Transfers in this product will require a small fee in CDO, which means that every member will need to hold a small quantity of them on the account. All fees will be automatically re-distributed to Candao ecosystem participants through staking, liquidity rewards, and Candao Messenger cashback. We believe that our product has the potential to become the world leader in communication tools.


In today’s transcript, we discussed part of the topics from the webinar. If you are interested in the whole recording, we invite you to watch the video where we comprehensively explain how our system works.


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