Putting the Internet’s future into the hegemon’s hands vs DAO organizations


Who is the hegemon?

The Internet’s hegemon is an enigmatic term meaning the central unit that can affect billions of people. It has access to user data that could be used for many positive or negative purposes. The hegemon will create an illusion of giving you his products for free, sometimes only offering some extra features like, e.g., YouTube Premium, but that is only a tiny piece of the bigger picture. The topic is much broader. We are giving him a significant part of our privacy that will be used to gain profits. Free products are like email or maps are great, but where is the risk hiding? Let’s talk about it!

How does it affect us?

The algorithms topic was described here. Algorithms are the mathematical groups of functions based on variables we provided while using their products. They are widely utilized and bring financial benefits to the company that markets the products. First of all the hegemon is gaining profits from advertisement. Have you ever wanted to buy something, e.g., a filtering bottle, and you didn’t finish your purchase? That resulted in the subsequent display of filter bottles in ad spaces everywhere you looked as you browsed the Internet for weeks. It is a direct effect of algorithms work. We get used to it, and now we don’t even catch that while using a phone or laptop. However, it is detected by our under consciousness, which ensures that the information is stored in your brain because it may come in handy when making choices, just in case.

The instance of a filtering bottle is only a tiny piece of the bigger picture of considerations related to the question, how much of our choices are autonomous and only the illusion of it. It’s not enough to be the author of your choice. You also need to have the mind cleared from the information overload and needs that the Internet is creating in us, which we don’t know that we even have. Even In “The Black Swan”, Nassim Taleb mentioned that we rely on the knowledge we already have, but we overestimate it while underestimating the knowledge we don’t have. We are making a decision that gives the impression of being optimal. It is pretty easy to make the wrong choice or at least a sub-optimal one in some aspects. Everything, of course, with a smile on your face and the conviction that everything is on the right track.

Too much independence from one service provider is unsafe from the standpoint of manipulating the public by a narrow group of people. They can affect you in both positive and negative ways. The problem is that they can do so and act their choice and a matter of goodwill entirely. 

The opposite of hegemony – DAO

If you have already gotten familiar with the Candao term, it is worth contrasting it with its opposite, the hegemony of a single centralized entity. First of all core value of DAO is the democracy of even its more beautiful sister – meritocracy of functioning the system as a whole. Your right to be free is respected in the sense of having the right to access verified information without any censorship. It’s an environment for people who feel the need to grow but are hindered by the lack of reliable sources of information in the classical digital space.

Let’s talk about safety. DAO is based on blockchain – the cryptographic structure that is the safest in the context of a hacker attack. Every platform member based on DAO spirit – Candao is verified – your ID is a non-fungible token. What are the benefits? You exactly know who the person you are cooperating with is. The collective intellectual potential is an asset worth more than gold or even diamonds. On Internet, the biggest blocker I realized your business goals collectively was the thread of fake accounts and attempt to abuse your trust and bank account. In DAO, you don’t have such problems.

In Candao, advertising is not a subconscious whisper to be remembered by your mind. In the case of our platform, promotion is in the form of a brand token, which allows you to promote your product openly and transparently. The market will openly discount information about it, and if it defends itself with the idea or quality, it will be appreciated.


Advertising in itself is nothing wrong. It is the basis to come out to people with some cool solution. The question is how it is served. Is it an attempt to force you to buy something and make you pay for it, or is it a real value that will be important to you for various reasons? In Candao, we know exactly which way the world is gone. That’s why, as you can often read…we came up with a solution! On our platform, people’s freedom is considered widely on many levels. The freedom of choice is also being released from the information bubble. Social media are consequently trying to build it in our brains, to monetize it in the future. We encourage you to provide yourself with the new quality of information you are getting and become a Candao user!