Public announcement 16th of Feb 2022

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Dear community,

Candao application is now available in beta and anyone can join. You can sign up with Join AS and log in with wallet connect to create a profile and receive your personal tokens. They are still in testing phase, so consider it more like a game, don’t be affraid to play with it a bit and experiment.

Invited friends and audiences that join through your referral link will stay assigned to your wallet. That will give you endless participation in your network rewards. Both business and private.

Your personal tokens will be rewarding you fees on every transaction. Simply invite more friends to get more of it. We thing we solved liquidity problems when a lot of users get tokenized. We developed smart contracts for bonding curve, improved algoritm of building and sustaining value of a personal token.

Every entrepreneur is looking for those 3 things: capital, customers and resources. All of which can be found in Candao. The best practices will be presented at our upcoming crypto show, which we are organizing with our partners in April.

We encourage every entrepreneur, individual and business to Join AS and explore Candao.

Candao has adjusted its tokenomics. Here are the major changes:

– We’ve increased the total supply to 2 billion CDO. However, over time we will burn at least 500 Million.
– Prices have been flattened in all rounds. Seed 0.025$, Round A 0.03$, Round B 0.032$ with an overall fundraising target of 5.75mln$.
– TGE unlocking has been increased. Seed 10%, Round A 10%, Round B 20%.

Round II will be on the Copperlaunch launchpad, with premarket and price discovery, where 0.032$ is the just starting point, while final price will be settled by the community and copied to DEX afterwords along with the first liquidity.
TGE will be combined with Crypto Expo beginning of April.

We appreciate all who joined Candao so far and believe that you will soon see the fruits of your investment, and become part of an amazing new chapter for the entire crypto industry.

We welcome all new investors.

Team Candao (2022)