Introducing Pan Winyl
Chief of Candao Musicverse Development


Man is an analog being, that's why I listen to music from vinyl records.

Let me introduce myself!

I’m Tomasz Olszewski (1978), aka Mr.Vinyl (in Polish – Pan Winyl) – vinyl influencer, the creator of the concept of analog lifestyle. Passionate for many years associated with the music industry due to the vinyl records that it all started with. I would like to share my story with you.

In 2009 I opened my first vinyl shop. For the next nine years, I was a vinyl influencer. I established the two most prominent FB groups focusing on vinyl lovers. At the same time, I’ve opened music publishing. I worked as an artist’s manager, taking care of their PR, promotion on social media, and music product development.  Finally I’m on the Candao board as a Chief Of Music Department!

Tokenization and NFT - Future of Music Market?

NFT in music

“I was waiting my whole life for this, from the very beginning of the Internet! Let that music sea close up in specific accesses. The amount of $9.99 for the entrance for unlimited music is boring! Propositions based on an algorithm, whatever! Surprise me! Has anyone ever come up with the idea ‘knowing your preferences, you would never listen to this, but take some risk and experience something new’. All of a sudden here comes NFT! Finally, I’ll be able to listen again to the music that only ten other enthusiastic friends and I have, with whom we’ll have a fan club!” – this is how Mr. Winyl, our Chief Of Music Dep. tells about NFT.

DAO as a social ownership

Social tokens in action

Could an action like Epic Games take over Bandcamp happen on WEB3? There is such a possibility, but a potential buyer of a social platform (let’s say Bandcamp 3.0) would have to negotiate with the entire community that has the right to vote thanks to tokens. A potential buyer would have to convince 51% of the community (DAO) to sell shares in DAO. Of course it is possible, but extremely difficult. If Bandcamp were the DAO, Tencent would have to negotiate with hundreds of thousands of people, not company management. WEB3 offers extraordinary possibilities. Today I just want to mention that the world of blockchain is not only “bitcoins”, but also a great opportunity to participate in the creation of the Internet. The music platform in WEB3 is not only aimed at artists and the audience, but also belongs to them. Artists and their audience become co-owners of the platform and have specific roles and voice in it. Tokenization and NFT, which have enormous culture-forming and social-creating power, are a great weapon against such practices.

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