On Thursday (21.04.2022) in Poznan Science and Technology Park took place an extraordinary meeting. I think… and I am even convinced that it is one of those gatherings that years later are mentioned in the media as: “this meeting”, “this moment”. 

What moment?

A breakthrough moment – such moments, contrary to popular belief, are small, insignificant, and only with time, one might notice their importance and breakthrough.

Music Marketplace 3.0

What exactly is the next-generation music market? I can’t say, and I don’t think anyone can. It’s not enough that every day something new appears (a tool, a solution, an opportunity), moreover, I keep coming up with new ideas.

I can certainly say that the new music marketplace is tokenization, NFT, and DAO. You can read more about Music Market 3.0 in our previous article: 

Candao for Music Market 3.0

Digitalization of Art, Think Lab at Poznan Science and Technology Park

In my opinion, this event was held at the perfect time. The meeting was initiated as a result of the cooperation of the partners: Poznan Science and Technology Park, Dr. Patryk Lichota (musician, composer, multimedia artist, music producer, curator / Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Institute of Theatre and Media Arts, UAM HAT Center), Dr. Agata Slater (Blockchain Poland Association / IBM), and Jagoda Szulia (Si-Consulting/SmartVerum). There are still many significant things ahead for our reality. Before the world is consumed by another “gold rush” here’s a chance to pick out valuable, beautiful, and useful things. I really wanted to thank Natalia Gorzelańczyk for a great community outreach!




It was great to walk around the PPNT campus and see how this initiative has grown since 1995 and how wonderfully it works. The presentation by the hosts reassured me that I was in a good place. The multitude of programs, partnerships, and support opportunities provide Think Lab with a lot of room to grow.

Bartosz Bilicki – SmartVerum

“Between technology, passion, and business”.

SmartVerum presented by Bartek deals with the tokenization of real works of art. Their application allows you to purchase tokens of masterpieces and present these NFTs in many galleries around the world. 

Tomasz “Mr. Vinyl” Olszewski – Candao

“Music marketplace 3.0 – Tokenization, NFT, and DAO – opportunities and threats”

Tomasz Pan Winyl Olszewski PPNT Cyfryzacja Sztuki

My speech was exactly about what I have already written about above. I would also add that during the panel discussion, I was able to crystallize my biggest concern. Due to the fact the technological world is mostly populated by “digital natives”, older people, for whom these “innovations” are more difficult to understand, may feel excluded. So, a new world is emerging, or has already emerged, which I have called a “technological infantocracy.” Progressive technological exclusion is also worrying. Unless we find a common language of communication for all other sectors, their users may be excluded altogether.

That is why I strongly believe that what happened in Poznan is a breakthrough event. I have a chance to build a community which will use new technologies to improve the lives of all, not just “those who know”.

Piotr Cielas – Halborn

“NFT and cybersecurity”

When I hear about cybersecurity, it immediately makes me want to leave. I’ve never heard such an interesting speech on this topic. Such a bit of a “whine”. However, Piotr Cielas did the almost impossible, at his presentation I was not only curious but also amused.

Konrad Kirpluk – The Simples

“Creating artistic projects”

Project The Simples, is a well-known brand in the world. Existing since 2013 they have already managed to get into the companies – Blizzard or Nike. A few years ago Konrad, with his partner Jakub Glowacki, entered the world of NFT. Their two, admittedly small collections, were sold out! And the community loved them.

Before the meeting began, Konrad and I took a few moments in conversation to outline the framework for potential collaborations. Later during my talk, I referenced that conversation several times because that’s what DAO is all about – connecting projects and their communities. That’s also what we do at Candao. Thus, the presentation of The Simple became for me a living example of the implementation of the DAO philosophy in real-time.

Aleksandra Skowrońska – Ph. D. student at the Faculty of Anthropology and Cultural Studies of Adam Mickiewicz University, Department of Theatre and Media Arts

“On the inseparable interweaving of the social, the technological, and the political”


In her talk, Alexandra showed us a video of Randi Zuckerberg creating HUGhub, a project that makes it easier for creative people (mostly women) to get around. As Alexandra pointed out, it’s not obvious what Randi’s point is, and the HUGhub website, at the very outset, paternalizes artists as the “poor” ones who need to be helped. In other words, Randi is building a blockchain platform, but using the politics of inclusiveness to do so.

And in looking at these “innovations” and their impact on our lives, she concludes that we have the following tasks for the near future:

  • technological competence,
  • infrastructural transparency,
  • visual language and the role of aesthetics,
  • cultural space and the art market,
  • counter-hegemonic practices!

Many thanks to the organizers for the invitation! It was a pleasure and a great privilege.

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