Meet Candao Whitepaper 2.0


We have a significant announcement for you. Due to the development of Decentralized Social Metaverse Candao, we updated our Whitepaper (WP) to version 2.0. You will find there more useful information to help you fully understand the Candao ecosystem. Read the text below, where we explain what a Whitepaper exactly is and why you should review it.

What is Whitepaper?

A Whitepaper is documentation of the project, service, technology, program, etc. It contains crucial information related to its work, e.g., its overview, essential solutions, fundamental values, mission, and much more. It is usually much longer than a Pitch Deck, which is a presentation of the most important aspects of a particular initiative. WP has been used to understand the operation’s theoretical basics better to realize the full potential of the subject matter covered in practice.

Whitepaper also has a marketing function. Instead of convincing in an advertising way, its role comes down to educating potential product users about its applications. It is dedicated to individual and B2B clients. In the crypto industry, WP is a standard. It helps the potential investor understand the benefits of financial participation in a particular project. 

The early release of WP also has an informative function for the market and allows you to introduce your idea to the world. It gives a better chance to reach the consciousness of future users. It is interesting to add that Satoshi Nakamoto issued a Bitcoin Whitepaper a few months before launching the first cryptocurrency on the market.

What will you find in Candao Whitepaper?

WP Candao is a complete guide containing answers for most of the questions related to the project you could have. The most important of them are: what benefits come from being a Candao member? Why should I have CDO? How does the platform work? What products will I be able to use? 

We came to the issue of introducing our initiative in a very diligent way. In Whitepaper 2.0, you will find the explanation of our platform working, introducing the concept of Candao, a description of each product from the portfolio, CDO token utility, and much more. You’ll find both verbal descriptions and graphical representations of key diagrams. You can find the full WP here. Familiarize yourself with it and the podcast, so you can be fully prepared to enter our Decentralized Social Metaverse. We also invite you to our YouTube channel, where you can find weekly webinars where we discuss the features of our platform.

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