Is DAO your future workplace?

is dao your future workplace

We have written about the topic of DAO before, but you can define that place in many different ways. It is an innovative digital space where the disadvantages of a modern world are eradicated with real democracy and a collective intellectual capital. We are dreaming about a world where you have the opportunity to develop yourself, conduct business, create initiatives, do charity, and spread your ideas without any barriers. Maybe you may not be conscious, but all of this is at your fingertips. Will it be your future workplace? Let’s find out! We invite you for the article to find the answer to that question.

How does working in a DAO differ from a traditional job?

There are many differences we can mention in answer to this question. “Classic” work performed according to your interests and adequately rewarded is, of course, an attractive option. However, let’s point out those areas that we cannot improve in the classic approach. First of all, those are formal requirements. In reality, dominated by the administration, you can have a severe problem becoming, e.g., a translator if you do not have a proper certificate. There’s practically no chance that you’ll be invited for the interview with the translation agency. In DAO, it looks completely different – you are registering, making advertisements, connecting with clients (or someone does it for you and gets a fee), and now all you have to do is do a great job. Over time, the reputation of your profile grows, and you can become a full-time translator drawing your client base from the digital environment. This is where skills that are discounted by the marketplace are all that matters. If you don’t have them – you won’t be able to monetize your time, but if you are great at something and prove that by your work- you will gain market trust and the source of income.

First of all, DAO is a variety of initiatives limited only by human imagination. Choose the interesting one for you and contribute by buying tokens taking active participation in its governance by voting. Would you like to be co-owner of some invention which you believe in? Nothing simpler – fund the project with your tokens and reap the benefits in the future. 

People who can generate added value find their place in the DAO. It is a space where the market discounts everything – your skills, information, projects, and businesses. The meritocratic approach of the users is the driving force behind the development. It is a real economy where you will exchange your skill for money in the form of tokens. For example, if you are, e.g., a little-known artist, you can record your first album by setting up a collection and issuing tokens. Over time, their value will increase as your popularity grows. There are no random people in DAO.

Working in DAO is a promise of safety. The payment for your work is regulated due to the smart contract. The profiles are verified diligently, so the is no space for scams or frauds. The promises are self-executing. That is the most significant advantage. Let’s mention one more point. DAO is all about equality. There is no permission for bias, harassment, mobbing, or fraud – it is impossible on a structural level. The biggest problems of the job market are solved today and now.

Conclusion – will DAO be your future workplace?

It’s your autonomic decision if you want to transfer your skills to the DAO. You can try working there after hours and maybe after a specific time you will work there full time. At the moment, DAO structures have above 1.3 million members. This amount is quite extensive, and more important is the fact The rate of growth from year to year is enormous. There are a vast number of arguments for entering this environment. Blockchain itself is gaining more and more popularity all the time, which means DAO as well.

Remember, the vast problem of the modern world is that often we could achieve a goal with our skills, but the circumstances don’t allow us to do it. If you want to change something in your life, you need to struggle against the odds and take significant financial risks. In DAO, your abilities are the only thing that matters when working. Spend time and energy on personal development rather than paperwork and regulations. The market will appreciate it and make you earn both passive and active income if you prefer. How can you sum up Decentralized Autonomous Organization in one sentence? Those are circumstances served right into your hands!