Interview with ZELO

1. You have several important roles in life, which one is closest to you: rapper, music producer, crypto entrepreneur, father, or maybe something else?

Every role I take on my shoulders is very important to me. I feel a sense of responsibility for the tasks I take on, and I get involved in the work. In the long run, I aim to do business in the morning, then I go to studio and after recording, I devote time to my family. I recently decided to give up beat production in favor of writing and playing. I have too much to say and not enough time to stay up all night looking for the right melody or sound. Perfectionism in this area bothered me. Recording the songs gives me incredible satisfaction and relaxation, but I have a broader plan. Once I had an experience of two different visions at the same time. One was that I’m playing a concert in front of thousands of people with phone torches on, and the other is that I’m sitting in a boardroom on the top floor of a glass office building doing a big project with my team. I’m trying to combine them somehow, and I believe more and more that it can work.

2. What attracts you most in the Web 3.0 world?

Web 3.0 is an Internet in which the individual has access not only to global information but also to values. Never in history has the average person had such access to public space and influence on its formation.

3. What opportunities do you see for music in Web 3.0?

Web 3.0. is creating incredible opportunities in virtual opportunities in every area of life. It is no different with music. I see a huge possibility here for artists to be independent. Tokenization helps overcome many of the barriers that every artist faces at the beginning of their career. Just as crypto projects issue tokens to raise funds for development, artists can issue their tokens. An artist can develop without the agency of a larger entity. Creators are already making great use of NFT technology, which allows them to capture their work on a digital medium without replication.


4. What do you think is the biggest threat of Web 3.0.?

With the introduction of smartphones and social media like Facebook, Instagram, and later TikTok, the phenomenon of “digital phobia” has been created. People are losing themselves in virtual reality, media coverage is becoming shallow because it is much more difficult to get people’s attention. Recently, we have seen an explosion of a new trend, which is the metaverse, where potential opportunities are intertwined with the threat of making life unreal. I am not convinced that cutting yourself off from the stimulations of the material world can be healthy in the long run.

5. What would you like to use tokenization for?

The plan is to create usability for the ZELO token. Continuous creation of your personal brand is key here. There has to be hype for it. The token must be exchangeable for tangible things such as albums, singles, admission to concerts, music-making consultations, collaborations, etc. Acquiring tokens must be possible on the open swap and pee- to-peer market. In addition to distribution through the platform, I foresee AirDrops for committed fans. I am excited about the possibilities that tokenization offers.

6. Would you like to create your own DAO? Why will it be unique?

Exploring DAO is like landing on the moon for me. A small step for man, a big step for mankind (read music industry). I don’t know what will come of it. I don’t know if the democratization of my work will do me any good. So far, I haven’t listened to much criticism from listeners, maybe I’ll be motivated to be more open to third-party suggestions within the DAO.

7. Do you think hip-hop is predestined for Web 3.0.? What about other music genres?

Any genre can be successful in Web 3.0. The condition is to be open to the new. Hip-hop has always been open-minded about people, about music and about technology, which is why it has been so globally successful. Moder-mindset artists and their community is the key to implementing new solutions.

8. When can we expect your third album?  9. Are you planning any NFT relating to this?

I’ve already recorded more than half of the material, so it should go smoothly from here. During the summer vacations, albums are not released, so September is a realistic release date. Moreover, I’m waiting for guests, music videos realization, designing covers, and pressing the CDs. 

10. Do you think that NFT will revolutionize the music market?

If NFT has revolutionized the market of funny pictures, nothing will surprise me anymore. Musicians see that you can do the same thing, only in music, they won’t be indifferent to this trend. If it gets to a scale analogous to what’s happening at OpenSea, then I want to be a part of this craziness.

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