How is Candao Messenger different from its competitors?


The most important historical breakthrough in the field of remote communication was SMS. Short text written over the telephone replaced the need to write letters. It started with a limited number of characters and was extremely expensive, but despite these disadvantages, it was a giant milestone. In the early days, SMS had a limited number of characters and it was expensive. With time, those cons were successfully eliminated step by step, making remote communication available for everyone. The next big milestone in remote communication development was rising the Internet and what comes next email, and communicators. The main change was the fact that channels of information exchange were free, so the problem with costs for each message disappeared. In the next ten years, Internet connection became a standard for every mobile phone. At this moment, we as technology recipients have reached the point where remote communication has become fully free (except for the cost of the Internet) and accessible to everyone.

Despite the practical dimension of that solution, communicators were a subject of criticism from people who claimed that abbreviations and emoticons make the language impoverished. The second argument was that people will begin to limit their actual interactions and conversations outside the digital environment in favor of distant communication. In our opinion, that is not true. Abbreviations are practical when not every word needs to be written in its full form. A correctly used emoticon makes the message more interesting and enriches it, making it more attractive. When it comes to real-life conversations, people didn’t lose the opportunity to meet each other. If they want to do it, they can, no matter if you have a communicator installed on your smartphone. It is their choice, nothing stands in the way. It’s even better for conversations that aren’t interesting to us don’t require us to get in the car and drive to have them live.

The disadvantages of popular communicators

Although instant messaging in itself is a giant milestone in the development of communication and has brought immense value to the world as a whole, at this stage of technological development where we are, we have the right to demand certain standards from them. The first con is related to the user’s account. The lack of diligent verification enables the creation of huge numbers of fake accounts that plague social media. It is dangerous and results in such phenomena as stalking, impersonation, phishing, or misinformation.

The next issue is the access of a central entity to your messages. Theoretically, they are only stored and can only be accessed in emergency cases, such as an investigation by a state agency, etc., in practice it can be completely different. Of course, this doesn’t mean that someone is checking our messages but logically thinking – if the central unit has access to our profile, it also can enter the history of DMs.

This is just the beginning of the iceberg of issues. Some popular communicators can automatically download our contact book from the smartphone to check if they can match us with users from their database. The issue is that no one will ask for permission to share the data. They use as much of our data as they want while offering a ridiculous level of security such as message encryption. Once popular were gaps in the security of leading communicators, where anyone could check the messages sent by another person using the Wi-Fi. Of course, you had to do it the correct way, but it’s not hard for those who want it.

Candao Messenger solves the problems

GRAFIKA Candao messenger

Our products are the solution to described problems. Thanks to connecting the user identity with NFT and the wallet’s history of transactions, you have the confidence that the person you send DMs is diligently verified. It is a modern P2P communicator, allowing you to send NFT and CDO tokens in real-time. That’s not all – you can stream live for groups of people meanwhile collecting funds, similarly to YouTube where streamers are getting donates while broadcasting. With Candao Messenger, you communicate securely. We take care of your privacy in the firm belief that it is your right and part of true freedom.


The technological solutions, which at one time were considered a milestone, today require significant corrections. In Candao we are we carefully observe and respond to threats posed by a lack of adequate privacy protections for our users. The most valuable resource on our planet is a human. You have the right to communicate in the digital space safely. Candao Messenger solves the problems generated by competitors’ products, plus we add new features not used so far. We want to meet your needs and, together with other products in our portfolio, offer you a complete set of tools and solutions that will make achieving your goals much more convenient and efficient. Join us today and enjoy your adventure in the spirit of DAO!


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