How is a referral different from MLM?


MLM (eng. multi-level marketing) is a hugely popular organizational structure in companies that main business domain is selling products. It is used worldwide due to its simplicity of working and low or even zero-entry barriers for new members. However, not everyone will earn great money in MLM despite all advantages. The reason is the lack of selling skills you need to have at a very high level. Does Candao have something familiar with MLM? The answer is yes – our rewarding schema is transparent and straightforward. Did we decide to eliminate the cons of MLM and change them into proses? Of course! And you can learn about how we did it below!

Why does not everyone succeed in MLM?

A quick explanation for people who didn’t hear about that kind of structure. Multi-level marketing basis on points transfer, which you exchange for money later. Where do points come from? They are from your and people you invited to the company selling activities. Why do they go upward? Because everyone in the whole line is rewarded depending on the position on structure. It sounds like the opportunity to gain unlimited income. In theory, it would be enough to stay in the line and wait until your friends will invite their friends and so on, but in practice, it is not that simple. Only a tiny percentage will gain real money. There is nothing for free. You need to work hard and have excellent selling skills. Many people have an MLM adventure in their lives, but a small fraction of them stay in it and make a career. However, the main advantage we mentioned before is the simplicity and transparency of a well-designed rewarding system. When your goal and method are clear, then your motivation rises.

Candao has its own way

In Candao, we are convinced that people are the most valuable resource on the planet. We decided to reward those who contribute to our community’s development. We want to reward and motivate you in many different ways. What will it look like in practice? Let’s talk about our rewarding model. If you generate your referral link and share it with a friend who will register on our platform, you will automatically get personal tokens minted for you. Your friend, of course, will get 10000 personal tokens as a gift. It is a win-win relationship. The second way to be rewarded is by connecting the client with the service provider. If you invite a Candao member to some service, and the transaction will be done, you will get extra tokens from the client and the service provider. You can even recommend Candao members’ services to people who aren’t registered already!

Let’s put into consideration more scenarios. If you invited a couple of friends to Candao, and any of them will buy from other (or even from the person you didn’t request) personal tokens, you will get extra commission from that transaction! Sound good? 

There are more rewarded activities related to brands. Imagine the situation when you have invited two friends – Natalie and Kate. If Kate asks Natalie to use the particular company’s service and the transaction will be successful, you will also get extra tokens from that action! The different storyline is when you invite the owner of brand X to Candao to team up with the owner of brand Y. They launch their launchpad and create their common token XY. They then get the opportunity to thank you by transferring the appropriate amount of tokens. Similarly, if you merge two brands, they will thank you by giving you 10% of the tokens issued or even more if they wish! 

Now describe the last situation. If you invite Candao, the person who will run your own brand and issue brand tokens, you will receive a discount to buy them. See how simple is that? These few activities that support metaverse building are the actual possibility of building a passive income. You contribute to the platform, and we reward you for it!


The difference between building community activities in Candao and classic MLM is significant. You don’t need to sell anything. It is enough to share a referral link. We have created many scenarios for rewarding you. We want to show you how simple it is to be successful with us! You act – we appreciate it. Don’t wait and become part of our Decentralized Social Metaverse today.


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