How does Candao support celebrities in taking the profits from digital identities?

Connecting With Talents Becomes Easier with Candaos Decentralized Social Ecosystem

Get familiar with the possibilities of our social platform, which is revolutionizing digital identities, making them multilaterally profitable. Are you a celebrity or an influencer? Learn how to gain profits from building a community of verified Candao users.

Meet CandaoID

We introduce you to CandaoiID, the product from our portfolio enabling verifying users’ identities. It uses validation based on NFT and the history of transactions from your crypto wallet. Due to this solution, you will generate your digital ID and share it with the other community members of our platform. Looking from the business perspective, you can build the exclusive followers system with the confidence that there is no scammer in it! It is crucial for the individuals who monetize their social activities by their fanbase!

Candao is a future

Our platform will bring the new standard of future social media functioning. It is a decentralized Over-Layer solution that allows you to fully take advantage of your business potential by emitting tokens and engagement society in your activities. Candao’s mission is to create a shared digital space for people with familiar aspirations and goals. Due to our solutions, you will share the value-added, build community, and make your brand popular! Use your power with us and join Candao!