How can a people’s potential be tokenized using social tokens?

Tokenizing your talent

In today’s article, we will talk about the ways of realizing your potential with Candao. This text should be a tip for you. We will describe two scenarios to provide you with the consideration of how you could reach your goal with our platform. Get ready for a fresh dose of helpful information and become conscious of your possibilities, Candao member!

What are my strengths?

At first, you should ask yourself what you are the best. For some of you, the answer will be apparent. Some others may require you to take a minute to reconsider that topic. That is the first step. The second is “joining AS” to Candao – it’s your ticket to show your skill to the whole world. How can you do this? It’s best if we explain it with specific examples. Remember, however, that the methodology for doing things is similar even though the professions may differ. The most important thing is the quality of work done, which translates into the satisfaction of a potential client.

Accountant’s scenario

Let us assume the experienced accountant scenario. You do know how to settle companies. For your whole life, you were working as an employee. You are tired of the fixed salary, and at some point in your life, you decide that you want to be autonomous. You are joining Candao and creating a liquidity pool of your social tokens that will be used to reward people that help you in advertising your service. Additionally, you are using Matchify, which enables you to find potential clients and create a broad portfolio of companies that you are accounting for. Your development is very dynamic. Your activities are transparent, so everyone around sees how great your job is. As your popularity grows, so do your wages. After a certain period, you have the privilege of choosing clients who pay the best because your time is worth more and more. Congratulations – you achieved your goal!

That simple example shows the hypothetical path of someone who wants to drop the classic full-time work for a fixed amount of money and become the autonomous person conducting business.

Artist’s scenario

Let’s move further and consider another scenario. Let’s assume that you are an artist – amateur musician. You want your popularity to gain to become a professional. When you are already in Candao, you decide to issue your tokens that will help you to launch your first professional music album. You are collecting money in exchange for tokens from users who believe in you. You can make a deal with them that the people who bought the token will get a share of the benefits you earn as you become recognized on a broader scale. Due to Matchify, you can find someone who will master the sound and help you in the production process. You are paying with the money collected from social tokens mentioned before. Token value is increasing due to the speculative motive related to your popularity going up. Your fanbase is growing because you are developing the music skill that allows you to be rewarded from the artist career and work full time, realizing your biggest passion. Sounds good? Everything is possible with Candao!


Understanding the usage of Candao in the process of achieving your goal is critical. We promise you that everyone can achieve his or her aim with us and tokenize potential to release a talent fully. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional in what you do. The market is discounting everything – skills also. It means that the people will always appreciate the actual value. We give the tools, and you are sharing your talent. That’s a simple exchange. That is why you should “Join AS” today!

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