Frequently Asked Questions


Candao is a Decentralized Social Network. Candao provides an overlaying set of tools and solutions which connects disparate crypto communities in order to facilitate global networking and maximize the potential of human talent and resources.

This means that our medium does not centralize data about the user. The content is distributed using blockchain technology. 

This means that Candao connects every chain, layer, and decentralized application (DApp) in the crypto-world. Similarly to how Layer Zero Concept provides an underlying technological solution for supposedly frictionless communication between blockchains, Candao provides an overlaying set of tools and solutions that connect crypto communities from disparate environments.

For the time being, you can join our community by clicking “Join AS…” on the home page or on your preferred social media platform, such as Telegram, Facebook, YouTube, or Reddit. You can find a complete list with links on the home page. You can join the Candao community by logging in with your preferred trust wallet.

To become a Candao community member, you must be at least 18 years old or to have a written permission from your parent or guardian as of now. We are planning to allow the younger generation to use and create entertainment tokens in the future. 

You can use whatever wallet you consider most convenient and secure.

Of course. The roadmap is available on our home page. The roadmap is being developed and updated on a continuous basis.

All of Candao’s features are interconnected and work in unison to create a coherent whole that meets the crypto community’s needs. According to user preferences, needs, experiences, and intentions, different functionality will be more important to each subscriber. Matchify (an artificial intelligence-based networking algorithm) and Social & Brand Tokens, in our opinion, are two of the most significant and game-changing features.

As included in the roadmap, the app will appear in Q1 2022.

It will be used as an element of your digital ID in the future.

CertiK is currently certifying our smart contracts. On our website, you can see the status of the certificate’s processing, ensuring that everything is secure. Candao’s DNA includes an NFT-based ID for anyone willing to collect funds from the community, as well as vesting tied to a roadmap, ensuring that the team never receives all funds without delivering the real product.

Users’ keys – users’ data. Candao AI algorithms will utilize community members in a manner similar to that of any other ecosystem, exchanging data for insightful information. There is a fine line between using data in the way users desire and profiting solely from the project. Candao is a token-based project from the start and is DAO-oriented, which makes it community-managed. Users retain private keys and have the ability to vote on tools and regulations within the Candao ecosystem.


At the moment, we’re conducting a private sale of tokens. We will begin a public sale of our token in mid-December 2021. We intend to list on the DEX by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. For additional information, please visit our website and social media channels.

Our tokenomics are available on our landing page. For additional information, please see the tokenomics file at

We believe that because CDO tokens have strong utility, they will be used on a daily basis. That is a straightforward but highly effective strategy for avoiding a bear market.

Naturally, we will encourage investors to hold CDO tokens. The Candao Ecosystem’s only minor function is DeFi. Our tokens have a plethora of additional uses, including the creation and purchase of social and brand tokens, the creation and purchase of asset tokens, and the collection of activity tokens. Additionally, you can leverage CDO by establishing a launchpad or by collaborating with other projects via two token vaults and CDO tokens.

We do not engage in token burning in the traditional sense. We practice “buyback and making,” which means that all profits generated by Candao will be redistributed to the community in the form of stakers, liquidity providers, and ecosystem rewards.


Candao aims to create a multiverse overlaying all other layers of applications and solving various problems for users. Our approach is to enable numerous user groups to express themselves most effectively in their identified “role” and then connect them to other people and projects in order to collaborate on something. We will also be a knowledge base and asset registry as a result of tokenization and token exchange, providing an easy way to contribute and benefit simultaneously. Candao’s business model and economics enable us to collaborate with a diverse array of technology and financial partners from around the world.

The Candao ecosystem is divided into analog and digital worlds that are connected via a massive metaverse – an infinite space for anything digital. This enables us to work on various oracles and bridges between those worlds in order to accelerate the adoption of the so-called general public.

At the moment, the crypto market lacks a launchpad that integrates the social layer with fundraising, DeFi, and so on. With the help of our technology partners, we’re going to change that by introducing our launchpad, as well as a slew of additional features, so that a single app will bring everyone together. We will also advocate for improved user experience, which is frequently overlooked by the world’s brightest minds, who are focused on delivering the best product possible.

The CDO token is critical to our ecosystem and has a plethora of uses. CDO tokens are required to create a social or brand token, launch a Candao launchpad, earn activity tokens, and many other things. With CDO, you’ll be able to tokenize equity shares and combine two distinct blockchain projects in the future! That is why the value of CDO tokens is likely to increase faster than anticipated. That is the strength and primary advantage of utility tokens over speculative ones.

Our objective is to establish a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in which people can connect and collaborate. We want to establish a new global sharing economy and metaverse in which everyone has a vital role to play. You can stay up to date on new products by visiting our website or following us on social media.

That is popular, isn’t it? 😉 We will use it in a variety of places throughout the Candao ecosystem, including Candao ID, a digital ID that enables tracking of someone’s projects and investments in order to share their profits with the community. Additionally, NFTs can be used to represent assets, such as real estate or artwork. We believe that the utility of NFT will continue to grow over time.

We have no desire to compete with market conglomerates. Candao has its own distinct set of features, such as matching and social/brand tokens. Visit our website for additional information.

The Candao platform is already sufficiently developed to enable its critical functionalities to be launched. We are not required to begin from scratch. We have experience building social networks comparable to Facebook. Additionally, we have a sound business model and a seasoned team. Candao bridges the digital and analog worlds, enabling users to contribute and benefit on a variety of levels, just as we all do on a daily basis, whether as a partner, an expert, a coder, or anyone else in real life. Integrating us all into one massive metaverse is unavoidable, and Candao is one of the first projects to take this approach.

Yeap. We envision LinkedIn 2.0 combined with Facebook and a few other services, providing the user with a one-stop shop for the so-called multirole experience, allowing them to play multiple characters simultaneously and in the same location – the metaverse. Together with well-designed tokenomics, Candao will enable users to connect, collaborate to create value, connect to the community, and also locate any assets required to complete a given project or initiative.

We are currently seeking investors for our private sale of tokens that is on the way and public sale, which will start in mid December 2021. Currently, we’re utilizing funds raised during the seed phase, courtesy of our community.

We began with interoperability, building our project as an overlay on top of every chain, layer, and decentralized application (DApp) in the crypto world. They are also high on our priority list. When it comes to security, CertiK is currently certifying our smart contracts, ensuring that everything is properly secured. We will make every effort to ensure the security of our ecosystem. Additionally, we considered scalability. To accomplish this, we partnered with Polygon.


The Candao platform is already sufficiently developed to enable its critical functionalities to be launched. We require resources to grow, not to begin from scratch. The development itself will demonstrate the development’s long-term viability. Each feature will be launched sequentially over a short period of time.

WANDA Exchange is our primary Asian partner. We intend to expand globally, including the Asian market.

Each request is critical to us. While we began with an emphasis on the European and Thai markets, users from any country are welcome.

While English is our primary communication language, we want Candao to be accessible to people from all over the world in order to foster an inclusive community. With time, a significant amount of content will be translated and delivered to foreign markets to meet their needs.

Despite the fact that we are still in the early stages, we are proud of our list of partners. Collaboration is ingrained in the DNA of Candao. Our tokenomics reflects this. We chose Ethereum as our foundation because we believe smart contracts are the way of the future and that code will become law. Additionally, we will consider developing our own blockchain. We will remain hungry for novel ideas and scalability. We partnered with Polygon to accomplish our current goals of lower gas prices, faster transactions, and strong technology partners for future growth.

Candao is not just a cryptocurrency project, and we are not limited to the crypto space. We will advocate for improved user experience, which is frequently overlooked by the world’s brightest minds, who are focused on delivering the best technology possible behind the scenes. Our approach is to enable a diverse range of users to express themselves most effectively within their so-called “role,” which is why we’ll prioritize a user-friendly UX for all.

We are thus establishing a long-term business. CDO holders will be able to participate in a greater number of transactions on the platform due to the ecosystem’s affiliates and numerous circles of activity, including Multirole, which is played by everyone. For instance, various tokens can be associated with achievements made not just by projects, but also by individuals and communities. Everyone has a direct and indirect role to play in the Candao ecosystem metaverse (a.k.a. Multiverse), as it will be connected to a variety of flows, funnels, and processes that contribute and benefit on multiple levels.

Candao operates in both the digital and physical worlds, tokenizing and matching all available assets to projects by bridging the two worlds and economies. Numerous projects struggle with their user interfaces and user experiences, and this one actively discourages new users.

We believe that the game-changing feature is inherent in the Candao concept: a completely decentralized Over-Layer social networking ecosystem that connects every chain, layer, and DApp. Additionally, our innovative products, such as Matchify, provide a unique value for users. We have the impression that we are creating something unique because of all of these connections within a consistent ecosystem.


You have to receive an invitation with a link to the Private Sale, watch this tutorial. It will help you efficiently log in and purchase CDO tokens. The link must be a part of domain like in example (this is not a valid link). An URL from any other domain is not valid. 

Currently, the minimum limit for investing in CDO tokens is $ 5 000. All registered users before $ 5 000 implementation can increase  their purchase of CDO tokens with $ 500+ increments.

Without complying with the Know Your Customer full procedure, you can purchase CDO tokens worth up to $15000.

You can choose between three of the following networks: BSC (Binance Smart Chain), ERC20 (Ethereum) or TRC20 (TRON). Choosing BSC, you can pay for the purchase in USDC, BUSD-T, BUSD. Choosing ERC20, you can pay for the purchase in USDC and USDT. Choosing TRC20, you can pay for the purchase in USDT.

Please contact us via e-mail: support[at]