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Let me introduce myself!  

I’m Tomasz Olszewski (1978), aka Mr.Vinyl (in Polish – Pan Winyl) – vinyl influencer, the creator of the concept of analog lifestyle. Passionate for many years associated with the music industry due to the vinyl records that it all started with. I would like to share my story with you.

In 2009 I opened my first vinyl shop. For the next nine years, I was a vinyl influencer. I established the two most prominent groups focusing on vinyl lovers. At the same time, I’ve opened music publishing. I worked as an artist’s manager, taking care of their PR, promotion on social media, and music product development.

Pan Winyl
Pan Winyl

I’m an active music blogger. I ran my broadcast called “Coffee with Mr.Vinyl” on the Polish “Radio Kapitał”. I’m also the author of the book titled “Vinyl Stories” about complete music history starting from vinyl records to Web 3.0. (it will be published in 2022)

Having been interested in the development of phonography for many years, I noticed that from the beginning, music was inseparably connected to technology. I’ve noticed that artists didn’t share equally in this development and did not benefit from it on the same level as the record companies, producers of recording, or listening equipment. For the most part, they were content providers.

Today Web 3.0 gives you another range of possibilities. Tokenization is a bridge that has never been before. It connects artists to technology on a partnership and co-ownership level. It’s a brand new world to discover! Web 3.0 is like the “discovery of America” At the moment, we are on the level of “the first settlers”. There is a “gold rush” and “wild west” in front of us. It is the beginning of metaverse superiors. The main thread is the involvement of corporations, but we will survive it and don’t allow them to spoil our fun! It is our time to do awesome stuff and create new rules, much better than bureaucratic ones. It is a fun time, so make some noise! It is the starting line, so don’t wait let’s until it’s too late 

That is the reason why Mr.Vinyl joined Candao and became the brand ambassador!

Technology has accompanied musicians since the beginning of recording, i.e., for over one hundred years. During this time, a lot has been done to improve the recordings’ quality and playback. Much has been done from a technological point of view, but what has changed so much for the artist?
The artist was the worst-paid link in this chain from the very beginning. After more than one hundred years, not much has changed. People have gone into space, they create artificial intelligence, and musicians’ music is still the “fuel of corporations” that sell emotions to pump money into only known initiatives. What are they guided by? We do not know!

I believe Music Market 3.0 answers what artists have always wanted (even if they didn’t realize it). The fairness of the distribution of goods, a significant and not marginal share in the creative output, a short path between the fan and the artist, increasing the importance of fanbase, easy contact with fans, restoring fan clubs, the possibility of earning money on the secondary market, etc.

Music Market 3.0 benefits not only artists but also fans. The role of the fan changes significantly. Depending on what role he wants to play, he will be able to actively participate in the life of his favorite bands and artists. A 3.0 fan can be a manager, a text writer, or a music producer in the music market. It depends on your choice.

Artists can build their communities based on completely new paradigms. Tokenization and NFT tokens are not speculation tools but participation, useful, and voting tools. It is a new reality in which we all decide what and how it will be. Musical DAO in Candao is a space that I build together with the artists. Here we are working on what this new Music Market 3.0 will look like.

Do you want to see changes?

Make them! Let’s do them together! Join the Musical DAO of Mr. Vinyl in Candao!

Register in the CANDAO ecosystem! When registering, follow the instructions!
First of all register to Candao using the link below
After registering via this link in Candao, visit my profile here:
After registration to Candao, you will receive the following:
25 Candao Tokens (CDO)
10,000 personal tokens
Mr. Vinyl’s 100 tokens!

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