Candao is Unlocking People’s Talents by Bringing Them Under One Roof

candoo cd

Since the advent of blockchain technology, we have witnessed the launch of several innovations which are backed by the same technology. One of these innovations is the DAO- a decentralized community that seeks to support and provide value to its members just like in a physical community. DAOs consist of individuals and businesses who aim to achieve the same goal. Candao is also pushing the same narrative with its decentralized social media ecosystem that encourages interdependence and collaborative profit-sharing among individuals and businesses.

Candao Adopts Decentralized Governance

Just as in other DAOs, Candao is proposing a decentralized ecosystem where the opinions of members count and their contributions, no matter how minute, are considered significant to foster the growth of the community. This sharply contrasts with the mode of governance in a centralized system. The project has designed a social media platform without a central body. The governance model will be powered by a native token CDO which gives voting rights to holders and enables them to contribute to key decisions that affect the DAO.

Candao has developed a wide range of utilities for the CDO token such as fuelling on-chain data, being used to reward people and projects, making candy pads, participating in the sharing economy, joining multi-roles, fueling liquidity providing and farming, trading, and buying tokens created by communities and businesses within the ecosystem. Given these utilities, the CDO remains a core part of the growth of the Candao ecosystem.

Designs Tools for Value Creation and Sharing

Candao has unveiled a wide range of tools and solutions designed not only to pivot activities within the ecosystem but allow users to connect and share value amongst themselves. These tools have been also designed to enable members of the DAO to unlock the superpowers within themselves which they can all benefit from. While bringing humans together, Candao is also integrating every chain, layer, and decentralized application into the ecosystem by serving as an over-layer. This way, Candao becomes the first comprehensive social over-layer in the cryptocurrency industry.

The decentralized applications (DApps) built for the ecosystem were designed based on three fundamental values recognized by Candao. They include people, consensus, and gamification. With each of the DApps, users can provide value to themselves. With the Matchify DApp, Candao will provide a wide range of recommendations to users based on their activity (off-chain and on-chain) including investors with similar portfolios, feeds that may be of interest to them, investment strategies, advisors, and other investment opportunities. 

All of the feeds will be matched to what a potential user might expect to see. The Candypad is an allocation-free, progressive, scalable trustless social launchpad that helps users gain access to new projects and their tokens. Other DApps in the lineup include Candyshop, CandID, CandyGroup, Candy chain, Metascan, and Bon Bon (BB).