Company’s benefits from using brand and asset tokens


Candao is a Decentralized Social Metaverse (DSM) that meets the expectations of entrepreneurs. The value-added that business generates is the basis for economic development. We want to give you the set of tools and solutions that you will take advantage of to gain the best benefits. In today’s article, we will look at the benefits your company can receive from using brand and asset tokens. Get familiar with it to have the opportunity to release your brand’s potential fully and achieve great results by combining your idea with the power that our ecosystem has!

Take advantage of brand tokens

You can join the Candao DSM and develop your business with us if you are a brand owner! As with social tokens, you have the option to create a liquidity pool of brand tokens based on CDOs. You have many ways to utilize it. It can reward the users who will connect potential clients (from Candao and beyond) with your brand. You can also run the launchpad to make a public promise to the community, e.g., you will give them a part of the project’s future benefits

Candao prepared a comprehensive system of appreciating users for contributing to the success of your brand. The participants can create reflinks recommending your services. They are rewarded with the social tokes from the people invited to Candao, and also they get brand tokens from your marketing pool.

That’s not all. You can establish partnerships between two brands. That can happen in two ways. Candao users can match you with a brand through a search, or you can find a matching brand yourself through Matchify, our algorithm which will recommend people and brands that match your criteria. The motivation to connect two companies for the user is a reward which is donating 10% of tokens (or more if you choose) as a thank you after launching a joint launchpad token of two brands.

Let’s talk about asset tokens

At first, a quick explanation of what asset tokens are. We can compare them to “items,” which can be minted in a fixed amount by the Candao users. Platform members have access to modifying assets to create and customize their community assets. The following customizations will be included:

  • assets quantity,
  • value of the single asset,
  • asset graphic thumbnail,
  • picture/video/sound connected with the asset,
  • name,
  • description,
  • initial value locked inside the asset (in CDO tokens).

After setting the above parameters, Candao will calculate the CDO cost of knocking down these assets (a small % CDO commission will be included). If the user accepts the cost and approves minting transactions, his newly created assets become part of the user’s profile. The asset can be transferred via the Candao platform to any other member or traded on the open blockchain market. Since assets are NFTs, their value is purely speculative, similar to collectibles. If the creator decides to lock up a certain amount of CDO, that value can be reclaimed by the burning process.

For the company, asset tokens function as an item that distinguishes a brand. They have marketing and advertising applications and allow the user to be interested in giving the ability to accumulate special assets with a particular value. You can reward with them people who contribute the most to the development of your brand. Use them as prizes in competitions, or encourage users to collect them to get something in return for having a certain number of them, e.g., one hundred assets tokens give you a free course created by brand X, etc.


Brand and asset tokens have a couple of functions. It can be a driver of financial growth for your business, a marketing tool, or a way to influence community interest and motivation. The proper use of both the king of tokens is crucial for your company’s development. We give you an excellent tool to achieve your goals effectively. Become a part of Decentralized Social Metaverse Candao!

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