The Social Network Platform Candao Focuses on Trust While Utilizing Blockchain

Candao Launches Its First Decentralized Social Network DAO

Candao, a platform that claims to be a decentralized social network DAO platform is embarked on a journey to mainstream adoption. Talking about the distinct power and strength of the Candao platform, it is owned partially by each of the CDO token holders. This eventually implies that the more native tokens of Candao, CDOs you have, the bigger share of Candao platform you own.

Major Goals of Candao Social Network Launchpad

Talking about the major goal of the team behind Candao, it is to bring digitalization to the entire world economy by anchorage the advancements of modern technology in order to create a new crypto economy and society. Well, the deciding factor that will determine the value of any user in this new society will be dependent on the user’s contribution to the network. If you have something significant to offer, the platform is just what you need the most.

Moreover, in order to meet the requirements of the business, the Candao platform conducts a certain set of implications on its platform such as blockchain KYC, to build trust, tokenization to convert your investments in assets, and eventually making the platform easy to use and convenient.

The platform has to offer a place to socialize and spend time that too is a decentralized organization. Built on the Proof-of-Stake Consensus Mechanism, Candao contributes to providing liquidity to the network. In addition to this, the platform issues personal tokens to give specific identities to users and even conduct affiliate programs to increase engagement.

Discussing the objectives of the platform, for the completion of which Candao is working dedicatedly, is the acceptance of decentralized technology by a big section of the population. Additionally, the goal is to contribute to the positive upliftment of the primitive centralized financial and political structure by infusing them with the latest technological advancements. The platform is clearly focused on easing out access to technology to assist humanity.

In accordance with the solution provided by the platform, they are certainly possessing the potential of liquefying the entire universe. The platform has intentions to liquefy almost everything, from physical goods to digital products and services, so that they can ultimately eliminate the need for money.


With a vision of providing people with the complete authority of their wallets instead of placing that authority in the hands of any organization, Candao is moving forward rapidly. Passive income is what creates wealth, and Candao emphasizes making profits from every single asset that is present by generating a passive income stream. What’s better than an environment that involves all the individuals with alike mindsets, ideas, and social interests, people who like to talk about the same business things. Well, clearly nothing is better than that, and thanks to Candao, we’ll soon witness a new advancement for our betterment.