Decentralized Social Network Platform Candao Partners with Wanda

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photo 2021 08 28 07 28 04Candao, a social network launchpad platform that intends to develop a new economic prototype by amalgamating the latest technological advancements, with network effects, and people, is surely making some noise in the crypto space. With the above-mentioned integrations adequately, Candao is marching towards unlocking the extreme potential of the crypto community.

The all-in-one platform that stands for the integration of social media and networking, crowdfunding and business development, and value exchange has recently partnered with Wanda.Exchange. Wanda, being the largest payment provider in Thailand, has already implemented some revolutionary decentralized solutions and ultimately have assisted throughout Thailand. With the help of those solutions, merchants have managed to unveil the real potential of decentralized networks.

In addition to this, Wanda.Exchange is currently setting up the biggest crypto ATM network in Europe. With 647 ATMs in 8 European countries, Wanda offers the most convenient crypto/cash gateway out there! The launch of the ATMs is planned for end Q2/22 and will enable crypto users to get cash in the fastest and most simple way possible.

Talking particularly about what the platform is actually offering the participants, the decentralized social network launchpad allows users to generate tokens and increase the amount of money they acquire from the project. As per the data revelations from the whitepaper, officially released by the platform, the users have the ability to invest in a particular individual’s idea or business and create an additional source of income. In addition to this, there are options available for providing recommendations related to a product or service and even operating as a creator on a project.

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Marching Towards the Ultimate Potential of Blockchain

photo 2021 08 28 07 27 51The platform allows the unleashing of literally, the cutting-edge potential of the world of crypto, by creating value surrounding your personal, brand, and asset tokens. The major reason for understanding the true significance of the Candao project is that you can collaborate with people having similar mindsets or ideas along with connecting assets like time, skills, IP (Intellectual Property), and ISA (Income Sharing Agreements) with the help of tokens.

Moreover, it should be noted that the foundation of the project lies in the individuals as every single one of the users will be provided with 21 million personal tokens which, as disclosed, will be acting as the principal assets of users and sort of identity of the individual. Discussing further the potential provided to the user by the platform, each member will be able to develop a web page that will act as a profile of the user and will highlight his/her talents, expertise, and hobbies.

Well, the advantages and potential of the Candao platform do not end here, as the next addition in the list of its capabilities is the proper utilization of blockchain tools. By using the tools in the space, any member on the platform will possess the ability to buy, stake, farm, exchange, and even produce tokens.

Major Objectives of Candao and Details Regarding Partnership

photo 2021 08 28 07 28 04 2The SNL (Social Network Launchpad) platform with numerous use cases, has particularly two major objectives, one of them is to disperse income among all the parties present on the platform, and the other is to contribute towards reaching personal potential through community engagement.

With the recent amalgamation of Wanda Exchange with Candao, the platform intends to collaboratively work in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and decentralized networks. What’s genuinely better than a platform that is our one-and-only solution for using most of the online services required in our daily life.

As per certain revelations, the recent partnership will be providing growth opportunities for both of the firms, ultimately assisting each other in expanding and improvising their services and technologies. Also, it is believed that Wanda has made an announcement regarding the constructive partnerships that are about to take place in the near future.