Candao for Music Market 3.0

Candao for Music Market 3.0

The essential innovation on the Internet related to the music industry are NFT and DAO. You may hear about NFT, but is DAO already familiar to you? Today we would like to introduce the topic in our interview with Pan Winyl (eng. Mr. Vinyl) – Chief of Candao Music Dep. Mr. Vinyl has been in the music industry for over ten years, specializing in niche music projects. He was also following the development of technology in the music industry. Privately, he is a lover of vinyl records and the term “analog lifestyle” creator.

What is DAO?

DAO can be defined in various ways. For the current text related to the music industry, we can describe it as a decentralized community connected by a particular topic (e.g., music, a musical genre, or even a specific record). As Gaby Goldberg says, this community also has a shared “bank account”. Trying to determine what DAO is, in general, is quite complex, so we narrow our considerations to what DAO can be for the Music Market 3.0, as Mr. Vinyl calls it now. 

In the year 2022, musical DAOs are already quite numerous. However, it is still a new market, and there is no precise definition of the term yet. At, we talk about it every day. The predictions for 2022 for the music industry in Web 3.0 are optimistic. We follow what is happening in the world with bated breath, and our heads are bursting with ideas. Candao’s musical DAO is the space where all participants of the music market 2.0 can join, from single artists and musicians through bands with managers up to major record companies. This DAO shortens the fan-artist path. Furthermore, as a participant in a DAO (a participant, not only a user), we can play significant roles. 

You promote the “analog lifestyle”, so why did you jump on board, an ecosystem based on the latest technologies? What has convinced you?

Let me start with the 19th century when sound recordings began. Mr. Edison – the inventor of the light bulb, whose story was pictured in the film “The Current War” – was a great inventor and a businessman. He understood very early on that the technology of recording sound (and later movies) had enormous potential. Engineers, technologists, and then programmers have always created solutions that were later applied in the art like e.g. vinyl records, CD, mp3 files, streaming, and currently – NFT. It is the same today! Music has always been accompanied by technology (since the first sound recordings). How could it be any different today? 

Did you know that as soon as stereo became available in recording studios, The Beatles, not yet having such technical possibilities, started recording an imitation of it: double mono? They ripped the instrument tracks into one side of the vinyl record’s groove and Lennon’s voice into the other side of the groove. Why do I bring up this example? Artists such as Bing Crosby, The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, have always been interested in the new ways of sound recordings and distributions. Today NAS, 3lau, Linkin Park, Kings Of Leon, and many others use the latest innovations for the same reason: to move the music experience to the next level.

I consider a musical DAO a “dream comes true” of a creative “promise land” for artists! In a DAO, artists can “just create”, which is the desire of many. Finally, to do what is most important: making, playing, and recording music. What about the rest? DAO does the rest – “Artists can, DAOs do!”. DAO is the community where participants take on specific roles in exchange for tokens. DAO participants are as important as the artists – they are his allies, employees, fans, publishers, managers, friends, people who believe in them and what they do.

Do you think new technologies will change the current dynamics in the music market? After all, do the majors know the same things we do and have huge budgets?

Look at the Meta (Facebook). I think that people are tired. They are leaving current social media because they are fed up with their personal data politics, etc. I believe that DAO can be a space to escape from such horrible places that social media is now. Why did I join Because I want to have a say in how this will work in the new world of Web 3.0. Now is an excellent opportunity to do so. In my opinion, this is a crucial moment to step into Web 3.0. The freedom and security of our data are fundamental! The fantastic thing about DAO is the possibility of plugging into it with our wallet that contains all our data, and unplugging from the DAO with our data as somebody said: not your key, not your data – excellent!

Will corporations create DAO? Of course, they will. It’s a massive thing for all of us. But, it’s a bit like in the movie “Ready Player One”. Do you remember the army of worker gamers “Sixers”? They lost in the end! Why? Because the real community wins, real relationships, connections between real people! Brands will never really connect with people. They try to be as humans but never will be. Look on major social media and big corporations, touting “connecting people” at all these platforms. Behind the back of this “connecting”, there is always some agenda: phishing for data,  selling products, and so on! People feel it! It has to collapse! And it is happening. Compared to other industries, the Internet is young, social media is even younger, and we’ve already allowed it to take us over! I think corpoDAOs will exist, but they’ll be DAO for losers who don’t care anyway.

At what stage of the quest for the perfect DAO are we?

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a “perfect DAO”! Foremost, nobody is perfect. We will not assemble a perfect DAO from the sum of non-ideal people. Secondly, a DAO is a community where every voice counts and has the power to decide. In, we understand this. We are early, but we are not the only ones. Many DAOs are looking, researching, experimenting with solutions – and so are we. Many DAO developers are currently thinking about how to talk about DAO and communicate it to the rest of the world. We are also looking for a language and creating a new dictionary that is understandable by everyone. Terms such as “token“, “NFT“, “staking”, or “PoS” are almost unknown today. Same as “email” or “social media” thirty years ago. There is a lot of work ahead of us! I’m curious to see what will come out of this and how it will work out. I’d like to see hundreds of new DAOs with new, hitherto unseen solutions to improve our lives for sure!

What does Candao offer concerning musical DAO?

At the moment, the essential tools we want to implement in Candao are Matchify and Multirole. Each artist or musician has more than one role. Music projects are very complex. That’s why I think a key differentiator for our DAO will be the Multirole and the matching associated with them. DAO assumes “joint creation” and “co-creation” based on values exchange. Please do not confuse this with barter. 

Let’s assume that you want to record a song. You already have the lyrics, but you don’t have the music. You can take advantage of Matchify to find the right person to provide you with what you need. It is an excellent product that allows you to connect with others! At Candao, you can fill many roles. When creating a project, you can immediately indicate what value you can offer in return (e.g., products, services, tokens, shares, or money). The key to the emergence of values exchanging your skill with other members. Due to it, you can realize your goals together using the synergy effect.

Multirole in the art world is an important thing, and finding the right collaborations is even more critical. I am an enormous optimist when it comes to these two tools. Although I think they might be hard to implement in a 2.0 world. However, in Web 3.0, artists are already functioning, and I think they will help us with the broader adoption of these solutions.

Thank you!

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