Candao is Enabling Identity Management Through NFTs

Candao is Enabling Identity Management Through NFTs

NFTs are currently part of the wave driving the crypto ecosystem forward. The uniqueness of digital collectibles is what has given rise to the hair-splitting prices at which they are being sold on various marketplaces. We have also seen collectors capitalize on this to create domains that end with the extension .eth using their real names or nicknames as a way to represent their digital identity. In fact, the world is moving toward the trend where identities can be managed digitally via the emerging Web 3.0 technology.

Candao Builds DApp to Help Users Manage Identity

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been touted as a perfect representation of this innovation, enabling people to deploy versions of themselves into the Metaverse. Candao, a decentralized social media ecosystem has latched on to the Web 3.0 trend to create a DApp that supports NFT-based identity management.

NFTs are unique and indivisible (hence the term ‘non-fungible’), so are we humans. Proponents of Web 3.0 technology have sought to establish this uniqueness by advocating for a way where digital wallets can be linked to the social media profiles of their users such that every activity is managed from one platform or decentralized application and recorded or validated through blockchain technology.

This is what Candao’s CandID DApp has been deployed to achieve- creating a dedicated NFT-based digital ID connected with an omni-scan history of wallet transactions. The CandID DApp enables creating a verifiable, unique followers system. Candao aims to be a one-stop-shop in assisting users to manage their everyday roles, profiles and identities just like a virtual assistant. Candao helps users to create identities that they can share with others within the ecosystem.

Candao has also built other DApps to help users in managing other activities. With the Matchify DApp, a wide range of recommendations will be made to Cando users based on their activity (both off and on-chain), including investors with similar portfolios, feeds that may be of interest to them, investment strategies, advisors, and other investment opportunities.

Creating An Identity Village

Using Candypad, users can find an allocation-free, progressive, scalable and trustless social launchpad in which you vote on whether or not your money should be released to the fund-raiser based on pre-agreed key performance indicators (KPIs). The Candychain DApp enables users to track most of their activities and interactions with other people, which are saved on a public chain and can be reviewed by others similar to how token transactions can be reviewed on Etherscan. Users can also track profile’s feeds, entries, follows, upvotes, jobs, projects, whole track record and more back to the beginning.

At the core of the ecosystem is the CDO, Candao’s native token which not only allows users to partake in governance but ensures that they can reward people and projects, participate in the sharing economy, fuel on-chain data, join multi-roles, fuel liquidity providing and farming, to make Candypads, buy tokens such as brand tokens, personal tokens, asset tokens and activity tokens.