Candao is Launching The First Social Network Launchpad

Candao is Launching The First Social Network Launchpad

Candao, an over-layer solution for the social cryptocurrency world, has launched its social network launchpad. This is the first of its kind in the crypto industry. Having a world where everyone and anyone can build, scale, and expand their businesses irrespective of whether the person is a business professional is possible through social network communities. People don’t necessarily need to make new contacts before creating and expanding their businesses. Candao aims to create a new economic paradigm with its social network launchpad.

The project seeks to combine network effects, blockchain technology, and people to unleash the full potential of the crypto community. This is an indication that there are endless possibilities in the crypto and blockchain market.

What is a Social Network Launchpad?

A blockchain-powered social network launchpad can be likened to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where the community members determine what goes on within the ecosystem. For instance, the community can decide what business to fund and how much? With a social network launchpad, everyone has an equal chance to be successful and established since there will be equal opportunity for all.

The Candao Social Network Launchpad distributes revenue to all active communities. If a member gets involved with his community, the user can create tokens and maximize his potential. Candao makes users see their money as data, and it is entirely up to the users to determine how much data they generate. In the Candao ecosystem, money is equal to trust and goodwill. Users can create tokens and increase the amount of money they earn from the project.

The Candao Social Network Launchpad is designed to enable community members to collaborate with like-minded individuals on projects.

The Problems That Candao Is Solving

Startups face myriads of problems in today’s world. Without a solution, the world will be robbed of great and impactful projects. These problems include the following: Unfair distribution of funds and difficult access to essential assets, multiple channels for different target groups, high marketing cost, and limited utility to personal and business tokens.

The Candao Social Network Launchpad enables startup founders to use their tokens and network with others within the community. They can raise funds and further develop their community. With Candao, any individual can present his business concept, build a community around it, use various cost-effective marketing tools, implement his solution in the real world, and watch the impact in real-time.

Overview of Candao & Its Features

Candao is a comprehensive over-layer solution for the social cryptocurrency world. It connects every chain, layer, and decentralized application. Candao serves as a multi-chain platform with an overlaying set of tools and solutions that connects different crypto communities. Its features include; “CandyPad” which serves as a trustless social launchpad designed for community members to vote on whether their money should be accessible to the fund-raiser depending on the pre-agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The “Meta-scan” is another feature that enables users to see and track everything without the need for third-party analytics tools, which often provide wrong on-chain data.

The “CandyChain” feature allows Candao to save most users’ activities on a public chain where others can periodically review them. This is similar to how token transactions can be reviewed on Etherscan. Members can track the activities of one another from the very beginning. For the “CandID”, it serves as is a dedicated non-fungible token (NFT) based digital ID connected with an Omni-scan history of wallet transactions. It enables users to create a verifiable and unique followers system. “CandyGroup ” is a Candao feature that allows members to create their project team, experts’ board, task force, community, group of friends, etc., in a matter of minutes. Every member of the group must be verified.

With Candao Social Network Launchpad, everyone will have access to the tools and contacts they need to create and build their project.