Candao To Launch The First Decentralized Social Network DAO

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In over a decade’s time, blockchain technology has reaped solutions among numerous communities and industries with the development and launch of innovations that are backed by a distributed model. While the crypto community in itself has amassed visionary creators and developers to culminate decentralized networks and projects that threaten the very institution of centralization, DAO is one such distinguished decentralized faction that is focused to offer value to the participants of its network without a centrally governed body.

Driven to expand the same notion with its state-of-the-art decentralized social media ecosystem, Candao is revolutionizing interdependence and associative profit-sharing among individual participants and enterprises on its blockchain-based network. With scalability and interoperability posing a significant challenge in the budding crypto niche, Candao is a decentralized proposal that not only aims to combat these issues but also brings transformational connectivity among professionals engaging in the developing crypto metaverse.

Candao: The Ultimate Decentralized Social Media Ecosystem

Along with uniting people who carry the same visions, the exemplary development of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) in the blockchain sector has proved itself to be an efficient ray in promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology among businesses and individuals. With the advancing pace and global recognition of decentralized finance and NFTs, DAOs are stepping forth to emerge into leading sectors. As blockchain takes its claim to foster decentralization into various factions of the society, Candao is leading the space with a value proposition that is centered to match users with projects, assets, and of course other people.

Candao Social Network

Candao runs both its value and proposition deep in the very basic ideology behind the project which essentially aims to design a platform for individual users as well as businesses with the same professional and social goals to find each other and build engagement and values together. Founded in 2021, Candao took its root with its Co-Founder, Pawel Barylski identifying the challenges often faced by startups and upcoming projects in starting their journey. Set onto tackling the issue for every entrepreneur and visionary leader out there, Pawel with his association with co-founder Robert Wesker started working to develop a DAO where budding projects and enterprises can gain easy access to resources including individuals, assets, and Dapps.

A Decentralized Pack of Tools and Solutions

Candao presents itself with a design that constitutes a wide range of tools and solutions in the form of decentralized applications (Dapps) supported by blockchain technology which ultimately works together to achieve the project’s ideology and vision. Catering to various needs of the users, Candao offers its solutions- Matchify, Candypad, CandID, CandyGroup, Candychain, Meta-scan, BonBon (BB).

Accessing its Matchify Dapp, Candao’s users will find recommendations based on their activity on the dapp. For instance, users that are looking out for investment opportunities will be able to find valid and legitimate recommendations with ease. With its next dapp, Candypad can allow access to an allocation-free, advanced, scalable, and trustless social launchpad where they can vote if they want their funds to be released during an IDO or ICO based on predetermined KPIs (key performance indicators). Furthermore, Candao offers Meta-scan, an easily operable dashboard where users can follow and scan relevant blockchain activity. The rest of Candao’s tools are strategically designed dapps that contribute to the network’s visions of formulating the ultimate decentralized social media ecosystem.

Cultivating Value Creation and Sharing

Candao has formulated an ecosystem that is self-sufficient where users including individuals, professional organizations, and budding enterprises can find access to the resources that in real life can be inaccessible. Using its native token, CDO, which has various utilities, the network is working towards empowering the connections among the professionals. Functioning with a proof-of-stake built, Candao allows CDO holders to have a stake in the DAO that determines the users’ stake in the community based on the amount of native token they are holding. Moreover, CDO will also serve its use in activities including paying rewards to projects and people, liquidity farming and mining, fueling on-chain data, etc.

With its private and public sale, Candao is all set to take its next step of revealing its social launchpads in the Q4 of 2021 itself. With an extensive roadmap entailing the journey of the project’s development, Candao is gearing up to make its mark in the advancing idea of a social metaverse.